Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In Response to BeAmman's article on Food Industry in Amman.

This entry is my comment on this article.

Guys! speaking from experience in the food industry of Amman,the problem is ETERNAL!

 I shall say that the food and service industry will remain undeveloped, if circumstances and the parameters of the success of a certain firm, remained the same.
For instance the WAGE, the best wage you will find on the market, coupled with best qualifications for sure, will be 1.75-2 jd/hour for cafe's and small restaurants-not fancy diners.

So, how would expect knowledge of the culinary fields, hygiene and positive body language or gestures!! sorry I found that too lofty, when you're expecting it from an under paid employee of barista.

If it happened and you were already qualified and have passion to work in this field in jordan. you probably will end up with one conclusion; You are Over qualified and you won't waste your time on less than 2jds/ hr. a salary that will barley cover up your transportation and food expenses.-since we lack an integrated transportation service in Amman - 

At last, I will mention a point to be fair for the industry capitalists. Taxes, bills, merchandise importing, customs complications,,, etc, overburdens both business owners and  the PRODUCT itself. And in many cases it is impossible to raise that imbecile wage.